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Your complete vacation, accommodation & online business information guide to East Sooke, British Columbia on the south west coast of Vancouver Island right next door to Sooke and Victoria.

East Sooke - EastSooke.com
Silver Spray's Emerald Beach M. Thornton

Located on the extreme south-western tip of Vancouver Island - a beautiful 30 minute drive from Victoria - East Sooke is a nature lover's paradise with that small community feel to it. East Sooke enjoys a sparse population with many wide open spaces. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the largest waterfront park in the Capital Regional District of "Super-Natural" British Columbia. East Sooke Park has 30 miles of nature trails and 6 miles of permanently protected virgin coastline.

Private boat charters in Sooke and Victoria, BC
Private Marine Eco-tours and Boat Charters in Sooke and Victoria
, BC

With 80 to 300 year old character trees, mystic air plants like "old man's beard," and a rugged tidal coast flooded by the crystal clear waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, this is a storybook environment for naturalists, fishermen, birdwatchers, hikers, boaters, divers, photographers, recreational enthusiasts and sea kayaking adventurers. Many of these recreational activities can be found at RecreationSooke.com

Accommodations are limited but exceptional if quiet and natural beauty is what you are looking for. Bed and Breakfast accommodations and a cabin or two are available.

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East Sooke has some very private and enchanted accommodations including bed and breakfasts and cabins.

East Sooke Photo Tour
Serenity and beauty that can only best be captured with photos.

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From Llama trekking to blacksmiths, to pedigree breeders and more.

30 miles of outstanding nature trails, plus 6 miles of protected virgin waterfront.

fishing, hiking, kayaking, birding, cycling, whale-watching ...

East Sooke's shares the waters of Sooke Harbour with its neighbour Sooke.

Victoria, British Columbia
A Traveler's guide to the Garden City of the Canada's west coast.
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East Sooke sunset over the open Pacific Ocean
Silver Spray Sunset from Possession Point, M. Thornton

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Staying together and strong after 25 years as East Sooke Women's Group

  East Sooke Womens group
Erin Kelley photo
Spontaneous hugs were exchanged at the 25th anniversary and reunion of the East Sooke Women's Support Group, held at the Empress Hotel in Victoria.
By Erin Kelley
For the Sooke News Mirror

When Kathy Plantiten moved to her log cabin tucked in the East Sooke forest with her young family 25 years ago it was a dream come true for her, although the realities of rural life were quick to reveal themselves.

Popping down to the grocery store was more like a journey. She could not see any neighbours. Her sons had to ride a school bus two hours a day; they didn't get back until supper time. Life was sometimes stressful, and often lonely with limited access to resources needed to raise a family.

Plantiten decided to get together with her friend Jan Stoppe and start a mothers support group to offer learning events and networking to benefit not only for themselves, but their children.

"The group gave a sense of community," said Plantiten. "They had a neighbour even though they couldn't see them."

Children may have grown-up, many have moved away and still, the group survives today. They have matured from a mothers support group into the East Sooke Women's Group.

Their 25th anniversary and reunion was a grand celebration at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. Past members travelled from all over BC to make it to the event. Old photos, hugs and stories where passed around generously.

"We managed to stop talking long enough to listen to everyone go around to hear where their kids were," said Plantiten. "And everyone listened. It was quite an accomplishment."

"It is still the same feeling as 25 years ago; it is still support and friendship," added Stope. "We will have the bond forever."

The group is no longer as politically active today, but support for each other remains the backbone of the group.

"Whenever there is a death, when someone's trailer burnt down, someone is sick there are people phoning to check-in," said Stope. "It's everlasting love and support."

In the early days of the group, the women weren't just eating baked goods while they tested out the latest in press-on nails - they were feisty bunch of moms, promoting change in their community.

The group pushed for the East Sooke community hall to be built, they raised funds for the playground, pressed for Gillespie Road to be constructed to safer standards and pressed for more school buses.

At the heart of the mothers groups advocacy was giving isolated families a chance to come together. Hosting parties that included the entire family were a highlight of the women's memories.

"Santa came every year on a fire truck and handed out presents to the kids," said Plantidin.

After a decade of giving to their children and their communities, the women have earned the right to focus on themselves.

The group organizes weekends away, talks on menopause and walks along the Galloping Goose Trail.

"If you live side by side with your neighbour, you might think you are closer but it may not be true," Plantiten said. "When your out here tucked away you don't see each other, but you know you have good friends out there."

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